Programs at Moreno Valley TaeKwonDo Academy


Traditional Martial Arts for Youth

Youth really love to participate in this highly energetic, fun, and functional activity. More importantly youth at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts engage in the activities that help improve their cognitive, social, and motor skills during the most important developmental stages of their lives. Tiger-Rock Taekwondo is a perfect activity that blends the advantages of both art and athletics.

Tiger-Rock even offers a special program for kids ages 3 to 6. The Tiger-Rock Cubs program is structured to provide the instruction, structure, and environment to enhance the development of children. This specialized program is focused on the particular needs of this age group including physical maturation, coordination, social skills, self-concept, attention span, mental acuity, safety awareness, and self-discipline.

Elite Counter Aggression

This isn’t your grandfather’s karate class!. Adults immediately feel the energy and power that comes from movements that involve kicking, punching, turning and striking. Dramatic changes occur over time that you could not imagine possible. Greater flexibility, faster response times, and improved concentration all translate into the ability to make everyday life easier both at home and at work. Keeping up with the kids, the boss, school assignments and weekend activities now become almost effortless.

Health & Fitness Classes

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Health and Fitness classes are a compilation of the most effective methods of training. These classes are delivered by professionals to create the most empowering experience possible. Our goal is to provide participants with the various benefits of exercise in a way that carries over to everyday activities. If you are looking to lose weight, build strength, reduce stress, increase energy, or just have fun, then our health & fitness classes can help.

Seminar Series

Interested in participating in more than one martial arts program? The TIGER-ROCK SEMINAR SERIES was developed to create additional opportunities without becoming a burden on time or convenience. The TIGER-ROCK SEMINAR SERIES consists of a variety of different activities created to diversify the student’s talents and create a well-rounded martial artist. These programs teach students techniques in specific disciplines of martial arts while building on the foundational knowledge and skills learned through our core programs. Some of the most popular Seminar Series programs include Tiger-Rock Grappling, Hanmudo, Xtreme, and Traditional Weapons training.